Over the years Andrew Engineering has been involved in many different projects, from a large scale one off welding jig for an international earth moving equipment manufacturer, to medium scale mass production of small components. Other work of note include manufacturing component parts for theatrical stage equipment, welding systems in collaboration with a specialist welding equipment supplier and many one off specialist welding jigs and components. Parts are also manufactured for both the food processing and packaging industry.
We are also involved in engineering repair work including breakdowns and maintenance.
The machinery used at Andrew Engineering is of a conventional nature which include:-
Centre Lathes,
Capstan Lathes,
Britan Repetition Lathe,
Microsprint 50 (Microprocessor controlled Capstan Lathe)
XYZ Proturn lathe.
Haas CNC Lathe with automatic bar feed
Oil Grooving Lathe, (For those nice figure 8's in bushes)
Milling Machines, including an XYZ miller.
Brazing, Silver Soldering, Oxy-Acetylene welding and of course MIG Welding.

Past Engineering sub-contract work.

Andrew Engineering also does a lot of work with Eccleston Engineering LLP who fabricated our fire escape.
They can be contacted at.

Eccleston Engineering LLP,
Welch Hill St,

Tel:- 01942 672993


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