Past Engineering Sub-contract work

Dividing curtain for exhibition centre

Andrew Engineering was asked to produce weighted rollers and winding frame for a cloth division to divide an exhibition centre. When not in use the fabric was rolled up and the framework stored elsewhere on site.


Cloth Rollers 4m long partitioning barriers


Welding Jig for extension booms

Welding jig to weld telescopic extension booms for large plant equipment up to 5 1/2 m long.
Setup included, 2 mig welding torches to create a continuous weld up to 5 1/2 m long with automatic start and stop.



Welding Jig for aluminium guttering

Automatic welding jig to weld 2 6mm thick Aluminium gutters together over a length of 4m using push-pull mig welding torches, without distortion.

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