In August 2004 Andrew Engineering acquired the assets of Britan Lathe Company.

The Britan Lathe Company is a specialist lathe supplier once based in Cambridge. The company supplied a turret lathe which, as a multi-tool machine is effectively a precursor to today's CNC tools.

The Britan Turret Lathe is a multipurpose machine especially suitable for users who cannot justify investment in CNC yet require greater versatility then would be available from a conventional capstan.

Production of spares and accessories is continuing in Atherton, and plans are in hand to provide a facility for complete rebuild of Britan Lathes on the premises.

Currently we are building up stocks of spares mainly for clutches and will be able to offer an exchange service on clutches in the near future.

Parts List 27-Jan-2010

Britan Manual

To view the parts list and manual you will need Adobe Acrobat which you can download from here.
(To download and save the parts list please "Right-click" on the link and select "Save Target As...")


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